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Australian Gold

Australian Gold Pure Heat Tanning Lotion 250ml

Australian Gold Pure Heat Tanning Lotion 250ml

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Australian Gold Pure Heat

Struggling to boost your tan development further? Designed for experienced tanners with a base tan, Australian Gold Pure Heat tingle Intensifier works to encourage deeper natural tan development faster! A test patch must always be applied before full-body application. 

What's inside?

  • Hot Citrus Tingle: This lotions uses a top-quality Benzyl Nicotinate extract - derived from stinging nettles - which provides a warm, tingling effect on skin. This is caused by the subsequent skin irritation which in turn increases skin's microcirculation. This will cause the skin to flush, but also promises for a deeper tan, even faster!
  • Natural colour boosters: Tyrosine boosts your colour results even further, giving a natural bronze hue.
  • Conditioning skincare: Aloe Vera, Natural Oils - including Hemp Seed Oil - and Vitamins to help soothe and moisturise skin for longer-lasting colour.
  • Australian Tea Tree Oil: A pure essential oil, known to have natural odour fighting properties, which help prevent after tan odour from developing.
  • For experienced tingle users only. If you are using for the first time, test it on a small patch of skin.
  • Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams
  • 250ml bottle

Top Tip: This entry-level tingle is ideal for first-time tingle users. Nonetheless, it still contains a high-level of tingle and citrus for exceptional dark colour results.


How to apply Australian Gold Pure Heat:

On a sunbed:

  1. TEST PATCH: Apply a test patch to a pulse point, such as wrist or inside of the elbow to ensure you enjoy the tingle sensation

  2. FIRST SUNBED: Apply your facial tanning lotion first, within 10 minutes of your sunbed session
  3. Apply your tingle lotion within 10 minutes of your sunbed session, avoiding delicate areas
  4. Wipe your hands immediately after application to avoid transfer onto delicate areas


Australian Gold Pure Heat must not be used when outdoors whilst sunbathing. It is also recommended to avoid heat treatments (such as saunas, hot showers and gyms) immediately after to avoid reactivating the tingle sensation.  
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