1. How much is postage? 
    Postage for every item is free. We ship all of our items using Royal Mail’s Tracked 24 service.

  2. When will I receive my item? 
    Royal Mail’s Tracked 24 service aims to deliver every item within 1 – 2 working days.

  3. When will my item be dispatched? 
    All items are dispatched the same working day. Our dispatch times are Mon-Fri before 4pm and Saturdays before 12pm.
  1. What is your refund policy? 
    In order to receive a refund all items must be returned unused in original packaging. The return address for all refunds is: 3 Alder Road, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL11 2PP

  2. What if my item goes missing?
    For any item that has appeared to go missing; firstly, ensure that any family members or neighbours didn’t accept the parcel on your behalf. If the item is still deemed missing, we will track the item for you and if needed we will open a case with the Royal Mail. We will ensure all issues are resolved.

  3. What if I have an allergic reaction to any of the products?
    Before using any of our products it is mandatory for 1st time users to do a skin patch test. To do so, apply the product on a small area of skin 24 hours before the first use and if reaction occurs discontinue use of the product.

    If you do have an allergic reaction to any of the products purchased on our site, we recommend you visit your doctor and contact us within 48 hours of use with the following info:
    - the product you had a reaction to
    - the type of reaction experienced
    - how long after applying the product did the reaction occur
    - did you consult a healthcare professional since having the reaction.

    As a gesture of goodwill we will refund the value of the product that caused the reaction by a gift voucher.

    We reserve the right to request a Doctor’s letter and/or photo of the reaction. It is recommended that you read the manufacturer’s leaflet or the information on the product to see if they are likely to cause you any problems.

    All descriptions, ingredients, and instructions of use regarding products on our site have been provided by the manufacturers or distributors. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of certain ingredients then please contact your doctor or the brand directly for further information.

  4. What skin type am I?
    There are 6 basic categories of skin type. You should be able to identify your skin type using the following information.

    Skin type 1:
    - Very fair. Usually lots of freckles, red or sandy hair, and blue or grey eyes.
    - High burn risk, skin turns red and peels. Advised not to tan in sunlight. Do NOT use a sunbed.

    Skin type 2:
    - Fair. Possibly with freckles, blond to brown hair, and green or grey eyes.
    - High burn risk. Great care should be taken in tanning. Tanning tends to be light.

    Skin type 3:
    - Fair to light brown. No freckles, dark blond or brown hair, and green or grey eyes.
    - Medium risk of burning. Capable of building up a moderate tan.

    Skin type 4:
    - Light brown. Dark brown hair and eyes.
    - Burning is rare, tanning is rapid and deep.

    Skin type 5:
    - Deep brown skin. Dark hair and eyes.
    - Burning is seldom, tanning is rapid and deep. This type of skin has its own natural protection.

    Skin type 6:
    - Very dark skin. Black hair and dark eyes.
    - Never burns in natural sunlight.